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Recent Events

Nov 4, 2007


Otter Point Volunteer Fire Department host Vancouver Island Fire Fighters Association Annual Fall Meeting                 Pictures


On Sunday, November 4, 2007 over sixty people attended the VIFFA fall meeting that was hosted by the Otter Point Volunteer Fire Department in Sooke, BC. A full day of activities was scheduled for all participants. The morning consisted of live fire exercises using the Otter Point Volunteer Fire Department's new live fire training facility that was completed in 2007. The facility has also received Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) recognition as a facility for live fire certification. In the afternoon, after a lunch in the main fire hall, the annual fall general meeting of the VIFF Association was held in the classroom.




Dec 15, 2006



Wind Storm Hits Sooke Area                                                 Pictures


In the early hours of Friday December 15th 2006, an unprecedented wind storm swept through the area leaving pockets of destruction. It was as as if mini tornados touched down in small areas and then lifted again before touching down somewhere else. An area would be totally untouched, no evidence of any wind at all, and then around the next corner, devastation. Many trees, large and small, would be lying around the ground, blocking roads and crushing power/telephone lines and poles.


The chief was paged out approximately 4 am to assist at a residence where a tree had fallen on the house. Discovering that he couldn’t get out of his drive way, he call another member to pick him up. The second member could not get to the fire hall along Otter Point Road. A general page was initiated to determine who was able to make it to the hall. A very few people were able to drive to the hall while others climbed over trees and walked there. From 4 am until early afternoon fire crews were working in the district clearing emergency paths  along all major roads large enough for emergency vehicles.


Otter Point was cut off with over 15 trees across the road. Kemp Lake Road had approximately 10 trees in two different areas and West Coast Road was blocked both at our eastern end of our district as well as west of Otter Point. A command post was established at the hall with the chief and deputy chief answering phone calls and coordinating the crews.



Dec 16, 2006


Santa Claus Candy Cane Run

The annual Santa Claus Candy Cane Run went ahead as scheduled despite the district wide power failure since early Friday morning. Turn out was lower then normal due to a lot of families staying with other family or friends who had power. Those hardy souls that were home in the dark and brave enough to venture out to meet Santa were very appreciative of the effort to bring the Christmas spirit to neighbourhood.