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Vancouver Island Volunteer Fire Fighters Association

Fall Meeting November 2007

All the gas props as well as the burn rooms were utilized with the participants rotating through the various positions. Two JIBC live fire instructors and a JIBC Maple Ridge campus live fire technician were in attendance to help with the exercises. The involvement and support of the JIBC is much appreciated.

More information about the training facility is available by clicking here.

After briefing the participants a tour of the facilities was conducted. After that people were divided into groups so that both the outside gas props and the burn building could be used at the same time.




The car is a gas prop with independently controlled burners in the trunk,

passenger compartment and engine compartment.



The dumpster is a gas prop with a burner inside the bin and then a pallet is added to produce smoke.



The propane tank is a gas prop with a burner on top of the tank to represent a leaking fuel line.

There is a gas value on top for the attacking fire fighters to shut off. Tricky to do with out extinguishing the fire too soon and allowing gas to escape.




The pan is a gas prop  with independently controlled burners in a water pool used to simulate fuel spills.



One portion of the building has a lower and upper burn room in which we burn pallets to provide a realistic room fire with heat smoke and thermal line. The rest of the building is used for search and rescue as well various access routes to the burn room.




Behind the scenes look at what awaits the fire fighters advancing through the building.



After a busy morning of fire fighting, lunch is a welcome break and

a chance to compare notes and share ideas.