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Christmas Truck Parade 2002

On December 22nd, pumper #23 was decorated for the Westshore Chamber of Commerce Emergency Vehicle Christmas Parade.
Roy Anderson, Dave Gollmer and John McCrea spent many many hours in preparation.

XmasTrkPar02_01 XmasTrkPar02_02 XmasTrkPar02_03 XmasTrkPar02_04
XmasTrkPar02_05 XmasTrkPar02_06 XmasTrkPar02_07 XmasTrkPar02_08
XmasTrkPar02_09 XmasTrkPar02_10 XmasTrkPar02_11 XmasTrkPar02_12
XmasTrkPar02_13 XmasTrkPar02_14 XmasTrkPar02_15 XmasTrkPar02_16