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Canadian Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal

August 29, 1985, honours members of a recognized Canadian fire service who have completed 20 years of service, ten years of which have been served in the performance of duties involving potential risks, and were employed on or after the date of creation of the Medal. Recognized fire services include Canadian fire departments, fire marshals’ offices, fire commissioners’ offices and the Canadian Forces fire services. Exemplary service is characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency.

When no other long service, good conduct or efficiency decoration or medal has been awarded by the Crown. The Medal may be awarded posthumously.

  • The front side is a stylized maple leaf bearing a fire hydrant with crossed axes, upon which a Maltese cross is centred, and which is circumscribed with EXEMPLARY SERVICE . SERVICES DISTINGUÉS, and
  • On the reverse is the Royal Cipher
  • The Medal is suspended from a ribbon of five equal stripes, two gold and three red; a Bar, bearing a stylized maple leaf, may be awarded to a recipient of the Medal for each additional 10-year period of service in the Canadian fire service.


B.C. Provincial Fire Service Long Service Medal

Awarded by the Provincial Government to persons who have completed at least twenty-five (25) years of paid or volunteer fire service in British Columbia. This is to recognize the dedication and selflessness with which these individuals have served their community and this province in the protection of life and property. The medal is administered by the Office of the Fire Commissioner.