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Current Membership

August 2018

Personnel Photos

Rank Last Name First Name Start Previous Service
Fire Fighter BREHART Kevan 1978/05  
Fire Fighter CORBIN Duane 1992/01  
Fire Fighter D'GANIGIAN Morgan 2014/11  
Fire Fighter DAVIDSON Trevor 1997/10  
Fire Fighter DAVIS Caleb 2015/01  
Captain DAVY-SAXL Alastair 2011/07  
Fire Fighter FISET Ray 1994/05  
Fire Fighter FISET Shawn 2017/06  
Fire Fighter GOLLMER Dave 1980/01  
Fire Fighter HEMPHILL Scott 1992/01  
Fire Fighter KANASHIRO Joe 2017/06  
Fire Fighter KERNOVICH Drew 2018/xxx  
Fire Fighter MARINO Lisa 2018/xxx  
Chief MCCREA John 1995/07  
Fire Fighter MITCHELL Robert 2017/12  
Fire Fighter MORTON Ron 2002/05 12.5 yrs
Lieutenant PATTERSON Ben 2018/06  
Fire Fighter PRILL Mark 2018/05  
Fire Fighter READ Rob 2015/03  
Fire Fighter STEFFAN John 2013/06  
Fire Fighter WHITMORE Steve 2012/10  
Fire Fighter WICKHEIM Al 2013/01  
Fire Fighter WILLIAMS Gavin 2018/xxx