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FireSmart™  Your Home and Community Today.

FireSmart Residential Assessments:
You can invite Local FireSmart Representatives (LFR)s to visit your property to make FireSmart recommendations.
An assessment takes approximately 30-45 minutes, and you can learn valuable tips to improve safety around your home.
You can also follow the checklists to complete your own residential assessment if you prefer.

It’s Time for Otter Point to Get FireSmart! 

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The Best Part of Being FireSmart is How Easy it is.

Tips to FireSmart™ your home and property, include:
• Maintain a non-combustible surface in the area within 1.5 meters of your home.
• Remove flammable plants and stored combustibles, such as firewood, lumber, vehicles or other items from within 10 meters of your home.
• The spacing of trees is such that they are spaced with at least 3 meters between the crowns.
• Prune all branches that are within 2 meters of the ground. This will significantly reduce the risk of tree to tree or crown fire spread.
• The roof should be free of combustible materials, so embers don’t have a place to collect (it should also be a fire-rated roof).
• Gutters should be non-combustible and free of debris.
• Eaves and vents should be screened with 3mm non-combustible wire mesh. Soffits and fascia should be properly fitted as well.
• Materials such as stucco, metal siding, brick, cement fibre, and concrete have superior fire resistance.
• Windows should be tempered, or multi-paned.
• Doors should be fire-rated and have a good seal; your garage doors should be properly fitted with weather stripping and even to garage walls to prevent embers from entering.
• Decks should be free of combustible patio decorations and furniture and any space below them should be free of combustible material.

FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual & Wildfire Preparedness Guide:

FireSmart BC Homeowner’s Manual

Wildfire Preparedness Guide

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