Otter Point Roadside Tree Chipping October 14, 2023

Clearing and chipping dead branches helps prevent fire from catching and spreading.
If you have dead branches piled up and don’t want to wait till the open burning season, here’s an opportunity to remove the dead dry fuel from around your property.

The Roadside Chipping Day provides residents with an opportunity to have their branches removed at no cost quickly and easily!

Just make a pile at the road and we’ll pick it up, chip it, and haul it away.

Fill out the registration form below and we will contact you to confirm registration.

FIRESMART Roadside Tree Chipping Registration
The FireSmart Roadside Chipping Program is only open for residents of Otter Point. If you live outside of the Otter Point District, contact your local fire department for other FireSmart programs.
Lay all vegetation in your pile the same way with the base of the branch facing toward the street (so that it can be easily picked up and placed in the chipper) at the curb by 8am on the day of the event. Piles should be on the uphill side of the driveway or road if there is a slope. Piles may not be placed behind fences, closed gates or other similar objects.
Only tree branches, small woody shrubs and windfall branches free of dirt will be accepted. Branch size must be between 2.5cm (1in) to 17cm (7in) in diameter. **Place all sticks with the butt ends in the same direction**
Bamboo, vines, palm fronds, firewood. Stones, Lumber, construction materials. metal, glass, furniture. Leaves and regular yard waste and soil (on roots) Any material that cannot go in the chipper will be left behind by our crew and will become the resident's responsibility to remove.