A Big Night At The Otter Point Fire Department.











A Big Night At The Otter Point Fire Department!

We would have preferred a big celebration but you know…COVID is still happening. So a small presentation with the firefighters watching on Zoom. And still, it is so important to recognize the accomplishments of our firefighters. This evening Shawn Fiset was recognized for his great work and awarded a plaque as Firefighter of the Year for 2020.

Also Captain Ben Patterson was promoted to Assistant Chief Ben Patterson for his great work.

The future of the Otter Point Fire Department is looking very good with these two leaders in place! Congratulations both of you.

CANDY CANE RUN with Live Santa Tracker

THE OTTER POINT VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS will be presenting the annual  CANDY CANE RUN this year on Saturday, December 12th.

We would like to spread a little Christmas Joy and Cheer throughout Otter Point! Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept food donations this year due to COVID-19 protocols. Santa will come around on a decorated Fire Truck and we will have Candy Canes for the kids. We can gratefully accept cash donations for the Sooke Food Bank if you desire. See the route and times in the picture. The times may go quicker due to no food collection, so be watching for us! Hope to see you Dec. 12th.



                                       Starting at 5pm on Dec 12th 2020                                        https://glympse.com/!OPFDCandyCaneRun2020 


Route Information 


Otter Point Firefighters Halloween Celebration Cancelled.

For over 30 years the Otter Point Firefighters have celebrated Halloween by providing a bonfire, hot chocolate, cooking hot dogs, filling candy bags for the kids and putting on a spectacular fireworks show for all to enjoy.
Sadly, with COVID this year, we are forced to cancel our celebrations. With limits to gathering and social distancing requirements it is not possible to continue with our normal celebrations.
We want everyone who celebrates with us to be safe and healthy. If we can conquer COVID this year we will look forward to seeing you all back next year.
Be safe and be happy. We will get through this together.

Fire Hazard Rating drops to LOW.

With the substantial rainfall we have received the fire hazard rating has dropped to LOW and we are expecting more rain. If this trend continues open burning will be permitted in Otter Point starting on October 1st. Remember that All Open Burning requires a Permit in October. Please call the hall Monday – Friday to obtain a permit.

All Open Burning Prohibited in the Otter Point Fire District until further notice.

Class A, Class B, and Incinerators (Burn Barrels) are Prohibited   

Effective Friday, April 17, 2020, Following the recent Provincial Burning Restrictions. All open burning activities will be prohibited throughout the Otter Point Fire District to reduce the likelihood of human-caused wildfires, and help reduce the impact of smoke on air quality and public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The following activities will be prohibited, and these restrictions will remain in effect until the public is otherwise notified:

* Class A  open fires; (Burn piles larger than two meters in diameter and one meter in height and any land clearing debris)

* Class B open fires; (Hand piles under two meters or 6 feet in diameter and a maximum height of 1 meter or 3 feet.)

* Resource Management open fires;

* the use of fireworks;

* the use of sky lanterns; and

* the use of Incinerators (burn barrels) or burn cages of any size or description

These prohibitions apply to all public and private land within the Otter Point Fire District.


Contained Campfires are still permitted. Clean, split wood only. 

* Campfires shall not exceed 1 meter in diameter and 1 meter in height. All campfires must be contained by a suitable receptacle made of fireproof materials (such as rocks or metal) that completely surround the fire. Fires are to be continuously controlled and supervised by a competent person until the fire is completely extinguished.


Link below for further information on the BC Provincial Burning Restrictions