Open Burning is Now Permitted in Otter Point.

October 1st, 2021.  Open burning is now permitted in Otter Point. All open burning requires a permit.  Phone the fire hall (250) 642-6211  between 08:30 and 17:00 Monday to Friday to obtain a permit.

Permits required for Class A Fires. Greater than 2 Meters (6ft.) in diameter.

Premits required for Class B Fires less than 2 Meters (6ft.) in diameter.

Campfires and Incinerators with screens are OK. No permits are required.


Click the link below for more information on burning regulations:


Highlights from the Otter Point Fire Department Firefighters’ Appreciation Dinner

Having missed the dinner last year due to Covid-19 many of our firefighters were able to get together this year for a dinner and awards ceremony. Many of the significant accomplishments of the past two years were recognized. In January of 2020, the Otter Point Fire Department quietly marked 40 years of service to the community of Otter Point. Over the past year, the fire hall went through an expansion and exterior upgrade. Just two weeks ago we received delivery of a new water tender replacing a 26-year-old tender.
Awards that were handed out over the past year and a half were recapped.
Three new awards were handed out.
Rob Read was presented with a 5-year pin. A year late as Rob has now served the department for over 6 years!
Lisa Marino was recognized as the Otter Point Fire Department “Firefighter of the Year” for 2021! Lisa’s accomplishments and commitment to the Fire Department over the past year have been outstanding!!
Shawn Fiset was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. Shawn has completed NFPA 1001, Fire Officer 1 courses, and has made significant commitments to the Otter Point Training Centre over the past 2 years. He was Fire Fighter of the year in 2020 and has proven his skills as a leader in our department.
Even though the past 2 years have been challenging our firefighters continue to rise to the challenge and excel in their service to the community! Thank You to all our firefighters!

Shawn Fiset Promoted to Position of Lieutenant.

2021 Fire Fighter of the Year Lisa Marino

Fire Fighter Rob Read receives his 5-year service pin.

Now Accepting Volunteer Firefighters! Come join the team!

We provide internationally recognized NFPA certified training at our expense. Some of our firefighters have advanced on to successful careers as professional firefighters.

We also provide 24/7 accident insurance coverage and a year-end training bonus.

Individuals who volunteer more than 200 hrs per year are eligible for both a federal and a provincial income tax credit of $3,000.

Have you been thinking about it? Talk it over with your family, neighbors, and friends. Do you know somebody who would make a good firefighter? Pass on this information. Download and complete an application by visiting the link or stop by the fire hall at 3727 Otter Point Road to pick up a recruit application package.

Share this post with your friends and neighbors. Let’s get the word out!

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Camp Fire Ban has been lifted in the Otter Point Fire District.

Thanks to recent rain and cooler temperatures, the Fire Danger rating in Otter Point has dropped to HIGH.  As Of Monday, September 13th The Camp Fire fire ban has been lifted in the Otter Point fire district. This will include backyard Incinerators.(Burn barrels)

Please see below for current regulations for Campfires and Incinerators:

Beach and Camp Fires

Beach and camp fires are allowed all year round except during Extreme Fire Hazard periods.

Beach and camp fires shall not exceed 1 meter in diameter and 1 meter in height. All beach and camp fires must be contained by a suitable receptacle made of fire proof materials (such as rocks or metal) that completely surround the fire. Fires are to be continuously controlled and supervised by a competent person until fire is completely extinguished.


Incinerators with a proper screen do not require a permit. Incinerators can be used all year round except during Extreme Fire Hazard periods.

The owner of any incinerator shall:

  • maintain the incinerator in a condition that provides for the proper combustion of any material burned;
  • ensure that any burning is supervised and that any equipment necessary for fire control is available;
  • ensure that the domestic incinerator is located at least:
    • (i) 1.5 meters from any grass, shrubbery or wooden fence; and
    • (ii) 7.6 meters from any building;
  • ensure that the commercial or industrial incinerator is located at least:
    • (i) 3 meters from any grass, shrubbery or wooden fence; and
    • (ii) 10 meters from any building

Provincial Ban on Campfires effective Wednesday June 30 at 12:00pm

Effective at noon (Pacific time) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, campfires, Category 2 and Category 3 open fires will be prohibited throughout the province of British Columbia.
The following activities are also prohibited: the use of sky lanterns, fireworks, burn barrels or burn cages, binary exploding targets, tiki and similar kinds of torches, chimineas, air curtain burners, and outdoor stoves or other portable campfire apparatus without a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriter Laboratories of Canada (ULC) rating.
Anyone found in contravention of an open burning prohibition may be issued a violation ticket for $1,150, receive a penalty of up to $10,000 or be fined up to $100,000 and/or sentenced to one year in jail. If the contravention causes or contributes to a wildfire, the person responsible may be ordered to pay all firefighting and associated costs.
For more information,
Also  banned in Otter Point are the use of chain saws, excavators and other high risk activities. A special permit can be issued by the fire department if certain conditions are in place. Call the department at 250-642-6211 for information

Fire Chief John McCrea presented with the BC Fire Service 25 year Long Service Award.


Chief John McCrea, of the Otter Point Fire Department, has been presented with the British Columbia Fire Service Award, for his  25 years of dedicated service.

In addition to spending many years as the Department’s Training Officer, Chief McCrea is currently serving his second term as Fire Chief.  Throughout the years, Chief McCrea has built a high standard training program and aided in the construction of the solid foundation on which the Department operates on.  For this reason, the Otter Point Fire Department has a very dedicated and highly skilled volunteer membership.

On behalf of the Otter Point Fire Department, we want to extend our congratulations, and gratitude, to Chief McCrea for his 25 years of dedicated service to our Community.


Thank you John!