Predecessors to T22

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1968 Ford 700  In service: January 1980 – February 1988

1968 Ford 700

1000 Imperial Gallon(IG) tank and Powered by 477 cubic inch gas engine with 5 and 2 manual transmission. Purchased cab and chassis from used car lot, tank and fittings designed and built by many local volunteers.  


1976 International Tanker In service: February 1988 – June 1994

Powered by 404 cubic inch gas engine with 13 speed Road Ranger transmission with a new 2200 IG aluminum tank. A converted gravel truck, that was repainted and detailed after the frame was shortened. A new tank was designed and installed. Most of this work was done through the effort of local volunteers.

In Service: September 1994-September 2021

1995 International Tanker – In Service: September 1994
2200 imperial gallon aluminum tank

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